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Would like Maplestory M Meso if you guys at Nexon Corp. would expand the friend list for at least the world alliance servers. Many of my friends and I were anticipating the merge since our server was a small empty and because we got new people to meet, we would love to add all of them in our buddylist. Alot of my friends had to resort to glitching their buddylist so they could go past the 100 limit.

Or maybe 300? Heck even 150 is nice but a lot of us are missing chances to make new friends within the sport, MapleStory, and making new friends would create us continue to play with the game since it would not feel so lonely.

Yes, we got our original friends ahead of the entire world merge but a number are either going on a long holiday, going to school, work, etc that it would get quiet sometimes within the buddy chat.So yeah.... I hope that I gave an exact reason why we have to get a buddy list expansion. The more friends, the more reason to perform with!

Hii everyone, after playing off and on for 10 years, I can not get myself back to maplestory.The best years were 2005-2010, (before big bang) where buy Maple M Mesos training was sooo fun along with the pqs were amazing, lpq, ariant pq, carnival pq, kerning pq, etc.. It was so fun becaues it required attempt, it took weeks to get to lvl 70, and if you were lvl 70 you were praised. Sins at which the greatest damagers from the game. Idk I miss this, I reallly wish to enjoy maplestory but it's so simple and less fun anymore (imo).

MapleStory two making its way worldwide, closed beta sign-ups open.Maplestory mobile mesos that publisher Nexon America showed off Saturday in Los Angeles in the fan event MapleStory Fest, ditches the pixelated 2D visuals of the original game for a blocky 3D planet, à la Minecraft or even Trove. Its course system is not as diverse as that of the first sport yet, but Nexon stated in a news release that MapleStory M will be very customizable, from your outfits to even getting to build your own home.

The sequel takes place in the same game world, the Maple World, and is a prequel to the first MapleStory. You'll certainly see familiar faces, though they may be somewhat different from what you remember.

Fans interested in attempting MapleStory M, which will be coming into Windows PC, can subscribe to its closed beta here if they are situated in the Americas, Europe or Oceania. There is also a social media campaign which allows players to unlock exclusive loot (for the beta and also for the complete release) by sharing particular pages on the website.

MapleStory M originally launched in South Korea in July 2015, also is slated to arrive internationally shortly. The closed beta starts May 9.MapleStory M, a Mobile Version of the 2D MMORPG, Is Currently Available for Pre-Registration

In case MapleStory, the free-to-play, two-dimensional, online game, was a person it would almost be able to legally drive a vehicle,buy Maple Mobile Mesos buy lottery tickets, or even register to vote. Happily, for the sake of nostalgia, Korean programmer Nexon has declared that pre-registration for the upcoming mobile variant of the game MapleStory M has started.