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I didn't understand you played devil's advocate, if that is the situation. There's no point going for the worst, because it will not be exactly what the NoChanges urges want. I will not, nor will all the men and women who pushed for WoW Classic, want to play with a frankenstein's monster of tokens,"class balancing" and other nu-wow features mishmashed in with 1.12 ones. It is NoChanges (the standard bulletpoints of what constitutes such) or bust. Individuals who enjoy nu-WoW won't be satsified with it, wow classic gold nor will the audience who attracted the subject of WoW Classic servers. Angrily and if people loudly rebel against deviations that were stated, blizzard could be steered better NoChanges

I concur blizzactivision is a terrible and different company to the first. Let's just expect a multimillion dollar corporation can create a better"blizzlike" expertise than french part-time devs in a cellar. If not, no stage playing. You should have the mindset, if anything I'd say. The specific attitude people had when nostalrius shutdown. What should you think a company fears more? Quiet debate where their product doesn't attract controversy, or really loud passion that lambasts them round the public space? They're scared of bad media.

Are you arguing that raiding is somehow made by farming raid consumables for hours better? The raid is the part that is challenging. Like Tea says, people with time can make from selling to people who don't have some time and have to buy tokens WoW Classic Gold. It's pretty straightforward. Oh, and having a couple of folks wearing BoE's they bought with token WoW Classic Gold will not'destroy' the match. Raider's will still have exclusive access to the vast majority of the items that are best.

This is just the nature of the beast. Sure it would be nice to play with folks around the globe. However, if we begin begging Activision for changes...The problem is that Activision has proven they can't be trusted to create good decisions regarding new content. They could not see how things like CRZ, zone instancing, LFD, LFR, flying, along with their variant of player housing (garrisons) would completely fuck up the game. And what makes it worse is that Activision nonetheless considers that many of these changes are great; regardless of how they have screwed up the game and lowered subscriptions from over ten million to probably over two million.

They just don't know what is great for gamers. The first Blizzard staff did; but Activision only does not.If Activision ever listens to readers asking for"quality of lifestyle changes", the moment they accept a single change, they will start to accept others. Believe me, even if you give them one inch, they'll take a mile. And the sport will be ruined right away. For instance, allowing players to perform with people from other countries will not Effect game mechanics.

However, as I said above, they don't understand how to make decisions that are great.

Buy gold in wow classic So I stand by the doctrine. The simple fact is that there are A LOT of quite TOXIC PEOPLE in the community and the developer world who'd really like to completely screw up WoW Classic - and then when nobody wants to play with it because it sucks like the current game, they'll laugh and say:"See we told you you wouldn't enjoy Vanilla." And I also believe there are a couple people working at Activision who'd really like to say:"We tried to tell you:"You feel you do, however, you do not."