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Development of plant extracts industry goes towards a bright direction Health Articles | April 30 Cheap Air Max Invigor , 2012

Plant extracts industry is a fastest growing industry for Chinese exports industry. In 2011, the plant extract exported value was $ 1.13 billion, with an increase of 47%. It becomes the first category of more than $ 1 billion exports among Chinese medical products.

The import growth rate of plant extract is also very clear. They are the essential peppermint oil importing from Central Asia and licorice extract with scarce resource. The import growth rate is more than 100%.

For the market, Chinese plant extracts聮 products export market is relatively stable. The United States, Japan, Germany and France have been the main markets of the products. In recent years, Mexico Cheap Air Max Fury , India is also importing large quantities of Chinese plant extract products, mainly pigment products. 2011 plant extracts export markets in addition to Latin America, a slight tightening of the export volume and export volume of other continents showing a big increase. Asia, Europe and North America is still the main areas of China's exports of plant extracts. In 2011 exports of these three regions accounted for 82.6% of the total Chinese plant extract exports.

The development of plant extract products, China to implant team is also growing. 2011 export enterprises in 1402. Which private enterprise is the main force in the export of plant extracts, exports accounted for more than 56%; exports of foreign-funded enterprises accounted for 32% state-owned enterprises accounted for only 11% of the total exports. 2011, the plant extract prior to export 10 enterprises exports accounted for 33% Cheap Air Max Flyknit , the top 10 barriers to entry increased from $ 16,140,000 to $ 22,190,000. A slight increase of the overall industry.

Plant extracts prior to export five provinces and cities in Shandong, Yunnan, Shanghai Cheap Air Max Flair , Hebei, and Zhejiang. The ranking of provinces and cities is characterized by the advantages of industrial clusters, and other regional trade advantage. Such as Yunnan, because of the particular plant resources and climatic conditions, cultivation and processing areas of plant pigments and flavor and fragrance products have the clear edge; Qingdao, Shandong, stevia extract Cheap Air Max Dynasty , and flavorings industry with resources advantages, plus the advantage of the port of import and export trade, a number of pharmaceutical raw materials suppliers are ranked in the export leaders. Similarly, Hebei has been formed to dawn biological pigment industry cluster, with the advantage of cluster development.

Plant extracts industry in China has a trend of industrial clusters, leading to large enterprises聮 healthy development in the industry. The biggest things for plant extract industry are that on the basis of original plant products, there are new export commodity inspection Cheap Air Max DLX , food hygiene supervision and inspection. Thus, the plant extract industry will usher in a new period of adjustment. The competent departments will improve industry access threshold to strengthen quality supervision. The industry may have a new round of ce:

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